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For students to keep learning everyday we believe they have to become motivated learners. Learn equips teachers with the ability extend class outside the traditional classroom by assigning weekly learning tasks and monitoring the performance of their students and giving them feedback. Schools are given performance analytics of all their students. Parents are also not left out. Learn gives them weekly performance updates of their wards to help them as they assist them through their studies. Everything is integrated very well. Above all, very fun and engaging.

Students learn and are engaged through gamified learning.

Students are assigned weekly learning tasks from their teachers.
Students weekly tasks are in the form of videos and gamified cards and quizzes.
Students receive direct feedback from their teachers every week.

Teachers assign weekly learning tasks to students and monitor performance.

Teachers give weekly learning tasks to their students.
Teachers give direct feedback to their students once weekly tasks are completed.
Teach your students as you love to do always.

School receives feedback from all their students learning activities.

Schools can monitor the peformance of all their students.
Schools can set overall learning objectives for teachers and track it.
Schools can send weekly and monthly feedback to parents on their children's peformance.

Parents receive feedback from their childs learning and assist them.

Parents can receive weekly and monthly peformance updates on child's peformance.
Parents can know how to assist their children as they study.
Parents can become better at assisting their children academically.

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